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Vantage Personal Care™

Country: USA

150 Mount Bethel Rd, Building 2, Suite 200
Warren, New Jersey 07059

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Contact: Nicole Finn
Operational Marketing Lead

Over the past 10 years, Vantage has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most reliable suppliers of Personal Care ingredients. With a global presence and 13 laboratories around the world, we provide regional support to our customers and deliver essential ingredients for fast innovation.

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Active Performance Argan Milk
Active Performance Bio-Shield
Biopolymer BHA-10
Biopolymer HA-24
Biopolymer HA-24 Bio
Biopolymer SA-N-PF
BioSignal™ Lipid 10 MB
Ceramide TIC-001
Coconut-Avocado Hair Milk
Coolact® 10
Coolact® 38D
Coolact® P
Curcylic™ 40
Curoxyl™ 42
DC Instalift™ Goji GF
DC Provesselin
DC Upregulex™
Desert Milk™
Distinctive™ Coconut Water
Distinctive™ Emul-Lipid BA
Distinctive™ Emul-Lipid LB
Distinctive™ Emul-Lipid ST
Distinctive™ Gel FL
Distinctive™ Gel ID
Distinctive™ Gel OD
Distinctive™ Squalane Butter 45
DW Jojoba Colorless
DW Jojoba Colorless Organic
DW Jojoba Colorless Organic FFL
DW Jojoba Golden
DW Jojoba Golden Organic
DW Jojoba Golden Organic FFL
DW Jojoba Golden Virgin
DW Jojoba Milk
Evoil™ Almond LP
Evoil™ Apricot Kernel
Evoil™ Argan
Evoil™ Avocado
Evoil™ Grapeseed Oil
Evoil™ Jojoba
Evoil™ Macadamia
Hotact® VBE
Hydro-Matrix Rice PGA
Hylasome™ EG10
Indopol H-100
Indopol H-1500
Indopol H-1900
Indopol H-300
Iso Jojoba™ 35
Iso Jojoba™ 50
Jojoba Aqua™ 120
Jojoba Buttercreme™
Jojoba Esters-15
Jojoba Esters-70
Jojoba Glaze™ - HV BF
Jojoba Glaze™ - LV BF
Jojoba Hydrate™
Jojoba Illuminate™
Jojoba Pro™-N
Jojoba Scrubeads™
Jojoba Spheres™
Jojoba Wax Flakes
Lipamide™ MEAA 100%
Lipamide™ MEAA 75%
Lipo Polyglycol™ 300
Lipo Polyglycol™ 400
Lipo™ AMS
Lipo™ APS 40/60
Lipo™ Bisabolol
Lipo™ CD-SA
Lipo™ EGDS Veg Pastilles
Lipo™ EGMS Veg Pastilles
Lipo™ GMS 450 Veg MB
Lipo™ Hyaluronic Acid
Lipo™ Hyaluronic Acid - 1% Solution
Lipo™ Hyaluronic Acid LP
Lipo™ IDD 99A
Lipo™ IHD 101A
Lipo™ Lufa 30/100
Lipo™ Melanin C 10% Solution
Lipo™ VI 40/60
Lipo™ VI 60/100
Lipo™ WSF 35/60
Lipo™ WSF 60/100
Lipobead™ Blue Lagoon
Lipobead™ Bronze with Hemp Seed Oil
Lipobead™ Detox with Coconut Charcoal MB
Lipobead™ Golden Pearl with Desert Whale Jojoba
Lipobead™ Green with Olive Oil
Lipobead™ Leaf Green with CBD Isolate
Lipobead™ Pink Princess
Lipobead™ Snow White with Crambe
Lipobrite™ HCA-4
Lipobronze™ VEG-AB
Lipobutter™ Organic Shea-DWJ
Lipobutter™ Refined Shea
Lipobutter™ Shea-DWJ
Lipocol™ C-2
Lipocol™ C-20
Lipocol™ C-Natural MB
Lipocol™ CS-50 MB
Lipocol™ CS-604 MB
Lipocol™ HCO-40
Lipocol™ HCO-60
Lipocol™ L
Lipocol™ L-23
Lipocol™ L-4
Lipocol™ O-10
Lipocol™ O-20
Lipocol™ O-95
Lipocol™ P-15
Lipocol™ S-2
Lipocol™ S-20
Lipocol™ S-21
Lipocol™ S-Natural MB
Lipocol™ SC-1618S Pastilles
Lipocol™ SC-20
Lipocol™ SC-Pastilles MB
Lipocol™ TD-12
LipoLight™ OAP-PVA
Lipomulse™ 165
Lipomulse™ Luxe MB
Liponate™ 2-DH
Liponate™ BDP
Liponate™ CCC MB
Liponate™ DPC-6
Liponate™ EHP
Liponate™ GC MB
Liponate™ GC-K
Liponate™ GMC-7
Liponate™ IPM MB
Liponate™ IPP MB
Liponate™ ISA
Liponate™ Jojoba 20
Liponate™ Jojoba NatFilm
Liponate™ MM Flakes
Liponate™ NEB
Liponate™ NPGC-2
Liponate™ OP-26
Liponate™ PC
Liponate™ SB-50
Liponate™ SPS Veg Pastilles
Liponate™ SS Veg
Liponate™ TDS
Liponate™ TDTM
Liponic™ EG-1
Liponic™ EG-1 VLG
Liponic™ EG-7
Lipopeg™ 10-S
Lipopeg™ 100-S
Lipopeg™ 2-DL
Lipopeg™ 39-S Flakes
Lipopeg™ 4-DL
Lipopeg™ 4-DS
Lipopeg™ 4-S
Lipopeg™ 6000 DS
Lipoquat™ R
Liposcrub™ ECO
Liposilt™ Black PF
Liposilt™ Green PF
Liposorb™ L-20
Liposorb™ L-80
Liposorb™ O
Liposorb™ O-20
Liposorb™ S
Liposorb™ S-20
Liposorb™ SQO
Liposphere™ Golden Pearl with Desert Whale Jojoba
Liposphere™ Mother of Pearl with Liponate NPGC-2
Liposphere™ Silver Radiance
Lipovol™ A
Lipovol™ ALM-N
Lipovol™ Argan Virgin
Lipovol™ Argan Virgin-Deodorized
Lipovol™ Borage
Lipovol™ C-76
Lipovol™ CAN
Lipovol™ CO
Lipovol™ COT
Lipovol™ Crambe
Lipovol™ Evening Primrose
Lipovol™ G
Lipovol™ GTB
Lipovol™ MAC-Ternifolia
Lipovol™ MOS-130
Lipovol™ MOS-350
Lipovol™ MOS-70
Lipovol™ O
Lipovol™ P
Lipovol™ PAL
Lipovol™ RB
Lipovol™ SAF
Lipovol™ Safflower HO-DWJ
Lipovol™ SES
Lipovol™ SES Organic
Lipovol™ SOY
Lipovol™ SUN
Lipovol™ SUN High Oleic
Lipovol™ SUN High Oleic Organic
Lipovol™ Tea Tree
Lipovol™ WGO-N
Lipowax™ D
Lipowax™ G
Lipowax™ NI
Lipowax™ P Pastilles
Lipowax™ P-A Pastilles
Lipowax™ R2
Liquid Ice BG
Metaupon™ KMT 30 MB
Metaupon™ OMT 40 MB
Metaupon™ OMT Solid MB
Natural Hot™-MAG
OFJ™ Spheres
Orgasol® 1002 D NAT COS
Orgasol® 2002 D NAT COS
Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT COS
Orgasol® 2002 UD Nat Cos
Orgasol® 4000 EXD NAT COS Caresse
Orgasol® Caresse
Orgasol® Hydra+
Orgasol® Restore
Panalane® H-300E
Panalane® L-14E
Panalane® L-2E
PFJ™-S Beads
PreBio™ Defense
Silkflo® 362
Silkflo® 364
Silkflo® 366
Sunjin Fusion Powders
Sunjin Nano TIO2 & Dispersions
Sunjin Non Nano TIO2 & Dispersions
Sunjin Pearlescent Powders
Sunjin PMMA Powders
Sunjin Silica Powders
Sunjin Specialty Powders
Sunjin Specialty Suncare Ingredients
Sunjin Urethane & Urethane Hybrids
Sunjin Zinc Oxide
Textron™ Batana Oil
Textron™ Black Cumin Seed Oil
Textron™ Grapeseed Oil
Textron™ Hempseed Oil
Textron™ Moringa Oil
Textron™ Pomegranate Oil
Textron™ Prickly Pear Oil
Textron™ Rice Bran Oil
Textron™ Rosehip Seed Oil Refined
Textron™ Seabuckthorn
Vycerin™ GL91 USP Vegetable Glycerin
Vycerin™ GL93 Kosher USP Vegetable Glycerin
Vycerin™ GL99 USP Tallow Glycerin