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Biddle Sawyer

Country: USA

Biddle Sawyer
505 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018-6505

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Contact: Jeremy Gura

Established in New York in the early 1950's, Biddle Sawyer's primary focus was to develop United States-based markets for chemical producers in Europe and Asia. Since then, the company has expanded its reach and influence across four continents, and today acts as a marketing liaison between manufacturers and more than a dozen industries. We continue to provide full-service distribution, including all aspects of packing, shipping, logistics, documentation, and customs clearances.

Our offices and affiliates in Shanghai, Germany, Argentina, South Korea, and India are staffed by highly trained and knowledgeable sales managers. These industry professionals coordinate efforts between manufacturers and customers, assisting with product development and managing details for commercial launch and ongoing sales growth.

By bringing our technical expertise, logistics experience, and exemplary customer service standards to the table, Biddle Sawyer satisfies suppliers' and customers' needs. The end results are consistently higher product quality, reduced end costs, smooth timely deliveries, and enhanced business opportunities across the board.

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