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American Chemet Corporation

Country: USA

P. O. Box 437
740 Waukegan Road, Suite 202
Deerfield, IL 60015 USA
Sales Contacts:
Kim Klatt, Executive VP
Jeff King, Director of Global Sales

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American Chemet Corporation is a USA based, privately owned manufacturer and global marketer of metal oxides, powders, and chemicals, concentrating in copper and zinc.

The company was organized in 1946 and has grown steadily through continual product improvement and development. During its history the company has organized and operated businesses to produce paint, mine talc and onyx, and manufacture cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, copper catalysts, and copper powder.

Chemet's sales and executive offices are located in Deerfield, Illinois. Its manufacturing facility is in East Helena, Montana produces cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, copper powder, zinc oxide, agricultural fungicide, dispersion strengthened copper, as well as customer copper products. Chemet's joint venture facility in Michigan produces cupric oxide.

American Chemet purchased the Copper powder assets of US Bronze and established Royal Metal Powders, Inc as a wholly owned subsidiary. Royal consolidated air and water atomization production at the Maryville, Tennessee plant site. Royal supplies air and water atomized powders including: copper, brass and bronze powders, bronze pre-blended powders, copper/nickel powder and custom alloys.

American Chemet is best known throughout the world for its cuprous oxide and cupric oxide. In 1962 the company developed its first copper oxide. By the early 1970's it was producing copper oxides for a wide variety of applications including: antifouling coatings, catalyst, agriculture, ceramic, chemical, and ferrites. The company developed its unique very low tinting cuprous oxide LoLo Tint 97™ in 1975. The company developed its "Red Premium™" cuprous oxide line of products in 1986 which has since become a world standard.

American Chemet produces Chem Copp™ copper powders for use in many applications including: PM blending, friction, MIM, tamping, and lubrication.

Zinc oxide continues to be an important part of the company's product line through the production of Zinox 430™. This high surface area zinc oxide is primarily marketed to the rubber industry, but it is also has applications in agriculture, chemicals, brick, ceramics, and specialty coatings.

American Chemet offers formulated agricultural fungicides based on its Chemet UltraFine cuprous oxide including Chem Copp 50™ and AG Copp 75™.

Research and develop is focusing on further developments of our copper chemicals and copper powders; new and improved cuprous oxides for anti-fouling coatings and agricultural fungicide sprays; and additional applications for copper oxides.

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