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ABX advanced biochemical compounds GmbH

Country: Germany

ABX advanced biochemical compounds GmbH
Heinrich-Glaeser-Strasse 10 - 14
D - 01454 Radeberg, Germany

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ABX supplies customers in the field of molecular imaging, in particular in PET and SPECT facilities. The company, founded in 1997, has its head office and production facilities at Radeberg, Germany.

ABX is pursuing a growth strategy with its business units Chemicals, Custom Manufacturing, Custom Research, Reagent Kits and Hot Lab in order to ensure an independent worldwide market position.


Precursors and reference standards for radiotracers for PET and SPECT.

Custom Manufacturing

Development of custom-tailored, specific solutions for the synthesis of chemicals for molecular imaging (including Neurochemicals and Metabolites) and Peptides (5 to 40 amino acids, quantities up to 10 grams, special modifications including D-amino acids, conjugation with complexation ligands). Full compliance with pharma industry standards of quality and confidentiality synthesis in compliance with ICH Q7 (GMP for APIs), chapter 19 (APIs for use in clinical trials)

Custom Research

Consultancy service and expertises for the production of new or already existing/known PET precursors for the execution of clinical and pharmaceutical studies/trials. At our facilities for Radiochemistry we can find solutions for radiolabelling of PET precursors of your choice.

Reagent Kits

Manufacturing of reagent kits for automated production of FDG tailored for several types of modules like GE TracerlabMXFDG GE TRACERlabFXFDG or FXF-N; IBA FDG module; IBA Synthera; SIEMENS Explora; BIOSCAN FDG-Plus; EBCO. Reagent kits for other radiotracers like FLT and F-Choline for the GE TracerlabMX box and for FLT, F-MISO, FES and 11C-Methionine for the GE TracerlabFX box.

Hot Lab

Design of new pharmaceutical kits and cassettes for various radiotracers; Development of labelling strategies for a better performance of the new modules in the production of radiotracers with focus on reliability, yield, and purity; Permanent refinement of all kit components and chemicals with regard to quality and performance; Technical support for customers; Continuous improvement of existing ABX radiotracers; Cooperations with pharmaceutical companies for testing of new radiotracers; Definition and preparation of analytical standards for by-products of radiosynthesis; Formulation and stability studies of radiotracers.

ABX is the leading supplier of PET precursors worldwide. We are audited and accepted as GMP API manufacturer by: German pharmaceutical authorities and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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