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Aromsyn Co.,Ltd.

Country: China

Aromsyn Co.,Ltd.
Joinhands Science Park,
No.4028,Nanhuan Road 310053,

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Contact: Yaxian Zhou /Sales Manager

Aromsyn Co.,Ltd is a modern chemical company which is located in Joinhands Science Park in provincial capital-Hangzhou. We are specialized in researching & producing of novel aromatic compounds, especially engaged in customize production of Aniline series, Benzaldehyde, Phenyl-hydrazine, Phenol, Anisole, Benzonitrile, Benzonic acid, Hydroxybenzoate, Benzamide, Bromobenzyl alcohol, Benzyl halide, Benzylamine, Cinnamic acid, Cinnamic aldehyde, and other Heterocyclic compounds, etc..

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