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Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd.

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Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd.
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Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, is a leading CRO and CMO company in China. Bellen Chemistry is a premier provider of a variety of heterocycles. Our activity is focused on the design and development of novel molecules, intermediates for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. Bellen Chemistryhas a strong R&D team with a talent pool of 200+ trained scientists. We have excellent track records, as we deliver unrivalled chemical innovation to our customers worldwide.

Bellen Chemistry has more 10000 heterocycles in the company catalog, most of them in stock. We have develop-ed large scale synthesis for many heterocycles. Bellen also does process research manufacturing, custom synthesis, route scouting, medicinal chemistry, and process development FTE. Those services are dedicated to help customers reducing development risk and lowering their costs for chemicals and customer specific process development.

Bellen Corp has subsidiaries in France for the European market and in Canada for the North American business.

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