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chemcube® GmbH

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chemcube® GmbH
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chemcube was founded in 2007 as a custom research organization and manufacturer of specialty chemicals for pharma, biosciences and applied sciences.

The company maintains strategic divisions for organic chemistry, biochemistry, crystal engineering, analytics and manufacturing.

chemcube has started with the development of its own synthetic strategies to produce complex protected amino acids. Later we established the synthesis of tailor-made polypeptides and protein expression by recombinant methods (various growth factors, rasP21-peptides and many more).

The product range of manufactured and distributed organic substances is at about 12000. chemcube conducts research and development on its own initiative as well as on behalf of its customers.

In the field of patents we cooperate with major European patent law firms. In co-operation with them we work on patent infringements and the validation of existing pharma patents, especially in the field of polymorphism.

Fields of activity:

    Organic synthesis
  • org. building blocks and heterocycles, phosphine-/NHC-ligands and precious metal catalysts, custom synthesis, protected amino acids, specialties (for selected clients)
    Biopolymer synthesis/expression
  • synthetic peptides and recombinant proteins
    Analytics (liquid and solid-state)
  • purity, identity, quantification, physical and chemical properties, polymorphism, structure elucidation on org. compounds and peptides
  • established methods: 1D- and multi-D NMR (300-700MHz cryoprobe), solid state NMR, MS, HPLC, GC, GPC/SEC, IR, NIR, DSC, TGA, Karl Fisher, PXRD, X-ray, dynamic light scattering etc.
    crystal engineering
  • crystallization and polymorphism studies on solids (polymorphs, co-crystals, salts, hydrates, solvates)
  • patent evaluation, validation and infringement studies
  • reverse engineering (de-formulation)
  • manufacturing
  • g-, kg-, bulk-scale

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