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Chemvon Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Country: China

Chemvon Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
Suite B-10, 6999 Chuansha Road,
Pudong District Shanghai 201202

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Company Profile

Chemvon Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., established at the end of 2004 ,is a high-technology manufacturer in the field of pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry. From origins as a research group in technology service, Chemvon has progressed into an integrated company offering a range of intermediates, APIs , and new chemical entities in 5 manufacturing sites in China mainland.

Since the inception of our company we have accumulated expert knowledge in the areas of asymmetric synthesis, total synthesis of natural products, organometallic reactions, enzymetic and chromatographic chiral separation. Contract services including CRO & CDMO from laboratory to commercial production as GMP or non-GMP system are also offered on a confidential basis.

Technology platform in 3 R&D Centers

  • Chirality Platform
  • Solid Characterization/Polymorphism Platform
  • Genotoxic Impurity Platform
  • Bio-transfer Platform
  • Metal Control Platform
  • Multiple Kinds of Purification Platform

Product Fields

  • API and Intermediates in the field of Cardiovascular, Antiviral and Anticancer (Cytotoxic), Antifungal, Highly Potency
  • Organic Molecules with Complex Structures
  • Functional Organic Molecules
  • Synthetic Biology in Small Molecule or API
  • Formulation process development from pharma into material science

One Pilot Plant in 7000m2

  • Three items simultaneously (annually at least six items)for manufacturing with scale from kilograms up to 200Kilograms in one lot
  • 30 glass reactors from 100 liter upto 3000 liter;5 Stainless steel reactors (upto 2000 liter)
  • High pressure stainless steel reactors upto 1000 liter.
  • High temperature (+300DC) to low temperature(-100DC) equipments.
  • Fractional distillation
  • Running as cGMP/ISO guide line

3 Commercial Chemical Plants

  • Joint-ventured commercial manufacturing site in Nantong: 90 reactors in area of 70000m2 as ISO norm.
  • Contract cGMP site in Changzhou: 350 reactors volumed from 50L to 6300L in Area of 20000 m2 with six manufacturing blocks as cGMP system indulged in the regulatory market as US-FDA/EMA/PMDA/NMPA/TGA/WHO approved. ?
  • New owned GMP site in Shandong State: 60 reactors volumed from 500L to 5000L in Area of 5000m2 with two manufacturing blocks as GMP system, targeting for advanced intermediates and APIs for global market through Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO).

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