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CovaChem, LLC

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CovaChem, LLC
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CovaChem is a chemical manufacturing company dedicated to providing the highest grade products on the market. CovaChem is a worldwide shipper of chemicals, and provides an unconditional product guarantee, allowing customers to buy with confidence. Our products serve many markets within the life science community including, proteomics, mass spectrometry, GC derivatization and compounds for drug testing, as well as other compounds with useful reactivities.

CovaChem's chemists have decades of synthetic chemistry experience, and strongly believes in the importance of creating relationships with customers through taking on custom synthesis projects at reasonable rates. Please let us know how CovaChem can help you drive your project forward.

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Group : Chromatography Additives

Group : Chemical Reagents

Group : Silylation Reagents

Group : Acylation Reagents

Group : Alkylation Reagents

Group : Homobifunctional Crosslinkers

Group : Heterobifunctional Crosslinkers

Group : Zero-Length Crosslinkers

Group : Protein Modifiers

Group : Biotinylation

Group : MALDI Matices

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