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DOTTIKON ES America, Inc.
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DOTTIKON ES manufactures high-quality performance chemicals, intermediates, and exclusive active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the world's leading chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industry. The company with its production site in Dottikon (Aargau, Switzerland) is specialized in hazardous reactions and positions itself as strategic development and manufacturing partner and performance leader. Its safety culture created over the past 110 years guides the innovative use of hazardous reactions, low-temperature and high-pressure chemistry, as well as continuous processing in order to challenge, tighten, or shorten conventional chemical synthesis routes, improve selectivities, yields, and purities, as well as avoid and reduce energy consumption, waste, and CO2 emissions sustainably.

The versatile technology and equipment portfolio is used, maintained, and continuously expanded to design, develop, and optimize chemical processes and technical manufacturing procedures for the rapid scale-up from kilograms to multi-tons in order to produce and deliver the respective market volumes.

DOTTIKON ES' one-site strategy allows reduced decision and communication pathways. This ensures rapid and efficient project development and management, clear and transparent data and process documentation, and close customer communication.

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Group : Amines

Group : Anilines

Group : Azaindoles

Group : Benzimidazoles

Group : Benzoic Acid Derivatives

Group : Benzyl Compounds

Group : Boron Building Blocks

Group : Chiral Compounds

Group : Cyclohexane Derivatives

Group : Indazoles

Group : Indoles

Group : N-Heterocycles (various)

Group : Nitrate Esters

Group : Nitroaromatic Compounds

Group : O-Heterocycles (various)

Group : Phenols and Anisoles

Group : Pyridine Building Blocks

Group : Various Compounds

Group : Cyclopropyl Building Blocks

Group : Group

Group : N-Heterocycles

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