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Anles-Ftoran chemical company holds unique position as developer, producer and supplier to marketplace of a large number of specialty fluorine containing compounds. We offer fluorocompounds for research as well as for manufacture.

The company is specialized in the development and production of fluorine-containing monomers, including with cure sites such as Br,I,CN groups for crosslinked heat and chemoresistant thermoplastics and elastomers. We also produce modifiers of polymer chain, emulsifiers, initiators of polymerization processes, perfluorinated polyethers (PFPE) both as inert solvents and oils, crosslinking agents, the other semi-products and additives.

We help you achieving breakthrough into new fields of high tech with your products, enabling to create new fluoropolymers and use them to enhance your competitiveness and meet up-to-date challenges of a more and more demanding global market.

If you need to significantly modify and improve performance of fluoropolymers and the other fluorinated materials - welcome to Anles- Ftoran! We develop fluoromolecules according to your requirements for your individual purpose.

Anles-Ftoran company provide comprehensive technical support for all customers who use our fluorochemicals for creating and developing new products.

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Group : Acids

Group : Acid fluorides

Group : Ester-acid fluorides

Group : Esters

Group : Vinyl Ethers

Group : Allyl ethers

Group : Others chemicals

Group : Perfluoropolyethers

Group : Freons

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