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Fuji Chemical Industries USA, Inc.

Country: USA

Fuji Chemical Industries USA, Inc.
3 Terri Lane, Unit 12
Burlington, NJ 08016

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Fuji Chemical Industries USA, Inc. is the marketing and sales subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. servicing North and South America while proudly providing the market with outstanding problem-solving excipients as well as contract research & manufacturing service with spray drying as our expertise.

Through our propriety spray drying technology, Fuji has developed four unique problem-solving excipients:

Neusilin® (amorphous mesoporous MAS): the multi-functional material that has made solid dispersion a viable technology and competent adsorbent for liquid and SMEDDS

Fujicalin® (unique DCPA): the perfect sphere for direct compression and granulation that improves blend uniformity, promotes rapid disintegration and is non-abrasive to the press. Fujicalin can also protect probiotic stains and improve product shelf life.

F-MELT® (ready-to-use ODT base): the directly compressible excipient matrix for ODTs. F-MELT provides good mouth feel and good tablet stability

In addition to offering problem-solving excipient products, as a global leader in both aqueous-based and solvent-based spray drying technology, we also offer contract research services including fully equipped analytical lab, formulation development of "challenging" BCS actives, scale up and full scale cGMP spray drying manufacturing.

Fujisil® (Silicon Dioxide): the next generation of porous silica that offers Solubility and Bioavailability, Taste Masking, Oil/Liquid Carrier, tablet quality improvement and other advantages developed from our proprietary technology.

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