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GC Chemicals Corporation
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GC Chemicals, Corp., was founded in 2001, with the purpose of distributing in North America the products manufactured by its Parent Company: Tártaros Gonzalo Castelló, S.L. of Novelda, Spain. The latter was established in 1907 and is a leading producer of tartaric products. They are distributed worldwide to the food and beverage industry, as well as, to several other industries and are used as ingredients in a variety of formulations.

Behind the activities of this company stands more than a hundred years of tradition. With the continuous presence of the founding family at the helm, from its inception till today, the company became an international leader and standard-setter in the manufacturing and sales of natural tartaric acid salt and esters.

The strategic objective of GC Chemicals, Corp. in the U.S., is to create and to expand the market in North America for the products produced by our Parent Company, and products produced in association with highly selected producers. We also provide marketing and logistic assistance to our Parent Company in the collections of Tartaric raw material, from Wineries and Grape Producers, to be shipped to our plants in Spain and to be used, after thorough selection, analysis and purification process, as the basic raw material for the production of our finished products.

Tradition together with Technology, Innovation and Service continue to be the basic elements of the strategic objective of GC Chemicals Corp., paving its journey to an orderly and remarkable expansion in the US market and in the North American market at large.

This streamlined and remarkably effective corporate structure of ours, based upon a long history and tradition in the manufacturing and the distribution, in our specific field, allows us to offer to the market products of exceptional value in quality and prices.

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