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Georganics Ltd.

Country: Slovakia

Georganics Ltd
Korenicova 1
811 03 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

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Contact: Juraj Duris

Georganics chemical company has been established in 1998 and belongs to strategic suppliers of the laboratory grade chemicals in EU. Company's skilled chemists specialize on custom synthesis of a wide range of organic compounds with an emphasis on heteroaromatic compounds, which are integral part of the research and development in biochemistry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The company's research and production division especially focus on the synthesis of benzothiazoles, benzimidazoles, furanes, indoles, isocyanates, isothiocyanates, thiophenes derivates, phosphorous compounds, pyridines and rare sugars with a capability to provide these synthetic products in gram to multi-kilogram scale range.

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