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IRIS Biotech GmbH

Country: Germany

Iris Biotech GmbH
Adalbert-Zoellner-Str. 1
D-95615 Marktredwitz

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Company Description:

IRIS Biotech was established in 2001. Our portfolio consists of more some 4500 items and we supply products for drug discovery, drug delivery and biocatalysis from lab scale for R&D to multi-ton lots for commercial productions. This includes starting materials for peptide synthesis and other areas of medicinal chemistry, solid phase organic synthesis, life sciences research. We have with more than 400 reagents for PEGylation, from short monodisperse to long polydisperse spacer molecules, linear and branched derivatives with several functionalities.

Compound Description

1. Products for Life Sciences Research (Enzyme Substrates, Diagnostic, and Biochemistry Tools, Natural Products produced by Fermentation, Immune Suppressants, Receptor Agonists/Antagonists, Carbohydrates as Building Blocks)

2. Immobilised Enzymes for Biocatalysis, Unusual Enzymes & Special Proteins

3. Reagents for PEGylation and Hydrophobic Spacer Molecules

4. Natural and Unusual Amino Acids Building Blocks and Other Building Blocks for Medicinal Chemistry and Peptido Mimetics

5. Resins for Solid Phase Chemistry, Scavenger Resins, Immobilized Reagents

6. Coupling Reagents, Linkers, Protecting Groups, Solvents and other Auxiliary Reagents for Peptide and Organic Synthesis

7. We carry out Contract Manufacturing of all products above starting from Grams to Multi-Ton Lots. Products can also be manufactured under GMP.

Product List: 6,177

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