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Jarchem Innovative Ingredients

Country: USA

Jarchem Innovative Ingredients
414 Wilson Avenue
Newark, N.J. 07105

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Contact: Art Hein

Jarchem Innovative Ingredients is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing and marketing company founded in 1978, located in Newark, NJ, USA. Our goal is to supply the global marketplace with high quality, innovative and unique specialty chemicals and natural materials. We also offer confidential and custom work for many customers around the world and invite specific inquiries from you.

Our core technology areas are:

  • Active Ingredients – various products with documented benefits;
  • Chelating Agents – phosphonate, and nature-based materials;
  • Mild Surfactants – nature-based on polyglucosides, sarcosinates and others;
  • Monomers – acrylamides, and others;
  • Natural Butters, Oils, Clays, and Extracts – unique products from around the world with various levels of refinement, product form, derivatization, and active content;
  • Oleochemicals – fatty linear, branched, iso-, and unsaturated alcohols, acids, esters, diols, di-ethers and other derivatives;
  • Organic & Inorganic Salts – acetates, benzoates, glycolates, propionates, chlorides, hydroxylamine sulfates and others;
  • Polymers – polyvinylpyrrolidone based materials;

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