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Jost Chemical Co.

Country: USA

Jost Chemical Co.
8150 Lackland Road
St. Louis, MO 63114

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Company Profile

For over 30 years, Jost Chemical Co. has been a manufacturer of high purity specialty chemicals for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, clinical nutrition and oral care markets. Jost's manufacturing facility in St. Louis, Missouri, is registered with the FDA and operates under bulk pharmaceutical cGMP. Jost will add a new manufacturing site in Poland in 2019. Jost is a trusted, global supplier of high purity chemical salts that meet USP/EP/JP/FCC/ACS requirements and are Kosher and Halal certified. Jost pharmaceutical grade products assist customers to meet ICH Q3D Elemental Impurity Guidelines and USP regulations per <232> and <233>. Our wide selection of 250+ products includes ascorbates, carbonates, citrates, fumarates, gluconates, lactates, malates, nitrates, phosphates, and sulfates.

By focusing on product quality through controlled validated processes and lot-to-lot consistency, Jost is able to manufacture products that go beyond the established standards. Our products are routinely free of impurities, with very low levels of aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other vagrant metals. Jost products are BSE/TSE free, non-GMO, and allergen free, and are rigorously tested to confirm they do not contain common microbiological contaminants. We manufacture products with a variety of particle sizes including powders that are less than 6 microns and granular versions that are free-flowing and directly compressible. Jost also provides special packaging to meet your customized requirements.

We are committed to working with customers to provide value added solutions and personalized service. Through innovation, flexibility and a quick accurate response, Jost delivers products that meet your exact specifications. With our on-site instrument and wet chemistry capabilities and a dedicated product development approach, Jost can successfully address demanding applications from initial concept to finished products. Our responsiveness and commitment allows you to bring new products to the market in a shorter time frame. For high purity specialty chemicals with lot-to-lot consistency, Jost is the ideal partner.

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