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Kingchem Life Science LLC

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Kingchem Life Science LLC
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Kingchem is a diversified and vertically-integrated CMO offering wide-ranging manufacturing capabilities and industry-leading R&D services to customers around the globe in the Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Fine and Specialty Chemical industries.

As a manufacturer, we are known for our cGMP Services for intermediates, APIs and excipients at our St. Francis, Wisconsin USA plant, and for its upstream integration with our plant at Fuxin, Liaoning China for RSMs, intermediates building blocks, specialty chemicals.

Further, besides offering excellent process R&D services and strong QA/QC, we are also known for a number of other competitively positioned and diverse capabilities such as our efficient project management, rigorous IP protection, effective EHS systems, and our proactive, flexible and communicative style.

We invite you to browse our website to review our wide range of services and then to contact us so we can answer any further questions. Let Kingchem assess your initial inquiry, from evaluation and manufacturing, to the on-time delivery of your product made to your specification. Then, let us show you how we can tailor a solution to your needs by setting a schedule for you that will move you quickly from route selection, process development and optimization, rapid lab process scale up, and finally through to commercial scale production.

Along the way we hope youll come to realize just how we achieved our reputation as a trusted and reliable strategic partner.

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Group : Product List

Group : Alkanes

Group : Arenes

Group : Benzofurans

Group : Carbazoles

Group : Fluorination Reagents

Group : Fluorobenzenes

Group : Imidazoles

Group : Indanones

Group : Indenes

Group : Indoles

Group : Isocyanate

Group : Isoquinolines

Group : Morpholines

Group : Naphthalenes

Group : Other Fluorochemicals

Group : Phenanthrolines

Group : Piperazines

Group : Piperidine

Group : Piperidines

Group : Purines

Group : Pyrans

Group : Pyrazines

Group : Pyrazoles

Group : Pyridines

Group : Pyrimidines

Group : Pyrrolidines

Group : Quinolines

Group : Quinoxalines

Group : Tetralones

Group : Thiomorpholines

Group : Thiophenes

Group : Triazoles

Group : Trifluoromethoxy benzene derivatives

Group : Trifluoromethyl benzene derivatives

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