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Life Chemicals is a fully integrated platform for early drug discovery with 30 years of experience in the field. Our expertise comprises:
  • fine organic synthesis
  • collaborative R&D
  • FTE/contract synthesis
  • process optimization and scale-up
  • cheminformatics CRO services
  • in vitro ADMET tests
  • screening library design and production

Our proprietary stock collection features:

  • 540,000 drug-like screening compounds
  • 58,000 fragments
  • 13,000 original chemical building blocks

On top of that, we have recently expanded our catalog with 250+ high-quality fine chemicals on a scale ranging from 10 grams to 100 kilograms:

  • Reference compounds and analytical standards
  • Synthons and chemical reagents for analytical and biochemical laboratories
  • Intermediates for bioactive organic compounds and APIs
  • Aromatic, heterocyclic, and fluorinated molecules
Our expert R&D team is dedicated to designing and synthesizing all novel compounds in-house. With a continuous addition of 25,000+ organic molecules to our catalog each year, we guarantee a diverse selection that caters to your specific research needs. Our organic chemists can confidently and punctually carry out the custom synthesis of practically any small-molecule compound.

At Life Chemicals, we maintain rigorous quality control standards, prioritize customer satisfaction, and provide swift global delivery. Discover our full range of services and products for early drug discovery by visiting our website at or contacting our sales managers at

Our best R&D solutions are designed for you and around you!

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