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Lipotec USA, Inc.

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Lipotec USA, Inc.
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Contact: Patrick D. Bentley
North American Sales Manager -
Skin Essentials Active Ingredients

Lipotec™ specializes in the research, development and production of innovative active ingredients - from peptides, small and biotechnological molecules to botanical extracts - and delivery systems for application in cosmetics.

Acquired in 2012 by Lubrizol (Berkshire Hathaway company), Lipotec™ has become the umbrella brand for Active Ingredients within Lubrizol Skin Essentials, always with the strong commitment to becoming a partner to its customers and empowering them with products and services that will accelerate their creativity and enhance their innovation.

Leveraging our skin care science knowledge, we focus on ingredients and formulation concepts that deliver a beautiful skin experience to the consumers.

Latest launches

Anti-aging – DAWNERGY™ peptide
activates the cellular alarm clock to help the skin wake up earlier, visibly improving the skin complexion through its revitalizing and anti-aging activities.

Anti-wrinkles – STEVISSE™ advanced botanical ingredient
is an organic stevia leaf-based extract with a retinoid-like mechanism that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles for a younger-looking skin.

Regenerating - ACTISMART™ mistletoe
helps restore damaged skin through the increase in the main basement membrane component, type IV collagen, and in ECM components after damage.

Protection / Prevention – ACTISMART™ yuzu
boosts key lipids and proteins of the barrier function to help protect skin cells from cold and dehydration.

Protection / Prevention - FENSEBIOME™ peptide
is an heptapeptide that strengthens urban skin by promoting a balanced, diverse and beneficial skin microbiota, in addition to helping reinforce the physical barrier function. It was awarded Gold at Prêmio ITEHPEC de Inovação that took place at in-cosmetics® Latin America.

Protection / Prevention - LUMICEASE™ blue ingredient
helps protect the skin against solar and blue light radiations thanks to an adaptive response previous to light exposure, at the same time that reduces the main photoaging signs. Awarded Silver at the in-cosmetics® Global Green Ingredient Award.

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