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Longrow Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Country: China

Longrow Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
No. 119 Xingda West Street; Linshu Economy Development Zone; Linshu Couty;
inyi City; Shandong Province; China.
Post Code: 276700

Phone: +86-13801627428
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Contact: Dick Tong – Export Sales Manager

Longrow Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in the economic development zone of Linshu County, Shandong Province, PRC. And is a professional manufacturer of Imidazole [288-32-4], Pyrazole [288-13-1] and Chlorhexidine[55-56-1]. In China.

Imidazole is widely used as a pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediate, as well as a curing agent in epoxy systems. The capacity is 3000MT/year

Pyrazole is a new class of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates that are widely used in pesticides, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. The capacity is 1000MT/Year

Chlorhexidine can be used to make hand sanitizing, disinfectant wipes and mouthwash. It can also disinfect air,objects’ surface and wash the wound.In addition, it can be used as mucous membrane disinfectant,such as oral mucous membrane,vaginal mucous membrane, external genital mucous membrane disinfection. The capacity is 1000MT/year.

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