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Luxembourg Bio Technologies Ltd

Country: Israel

Luxembourg Bio Technologies Ltd
8 Sapir Pinhas St.,
Nes Ziona 7403631, Israel

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At Luxembourg Bio Technologies Ltd., our philosophy is to be always one step ahead of the market’s demands, in the development and production of Coupling Reagents & Protected Amino Acids, which translates to being more efficient, more economical and more ecology minded. We ensure that our Coupling Reagents & Protected Amino Acids are created in a safe environment, where workers are fully protected from exposure to hazardous substances and waste products. The raw materials we use and the unique technologies we employ are chosen for environmental safety, so that we leave a better world for those to come.

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Group : Carbodiimide Depravities

Group : Coupling and Activating Reagents

Group : Fine Chemicals

Group : Protecting Groups for Amino Acid Building Blocks

Group : Tetrazole Derivatives

Group : Thiocyanates Derivatives

Group : tradenames

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