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Optima Chemical was established in 1991 from the chemical division of AFF. At that time the company made sodium tetraphenyl borate for use by the US DOE as a precipitant for radioactive Cesium waste. The contract was subsequently cancelled and as a result Optima had to reinvent itself overnight to survive. The seeds were planted for the growth of a company that prides itself on its flexibility and rising to a challenge, characteristics which survive to this day and which continue to drive the company’s continued growth.

Today Optima Chemical is a full-service Chemical company with the infrastructure to take ideas through to delivered products and solutions. We have our own product line built on a technology base that has evolved from manufacturing organometallic chemistry. We have an engineering skillset that enables us to manufacture high energy and high hazard, sensitive chemistry safely at large scale, and two US based manufacturing plants where we manufacture products for our partners as well as manufacture our own products.

Our laboratories are run by a team that offers technical support to our toll partners as well as analytical development, route development and scale-up for other customers, be it for custom made products or some short term use of our facilities.

Underpinning all of this is a culture of safety, service and flexibility.

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