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ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen

Country: Germany

ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen
Firmensitz: Kunstseidestr. 05;
06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen,

Phone: +49 3494 636389
FAX: +49 3494 63 6165
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Contact: Contact: Dr. Jörg Blumhoff -
Head of Marketing & Sales

Founded in 1995, ORGANICA concentrated on the synthesis of high quality organic fine chemicals for pharmaceutical, opto(electronic) and flavour and fragrance industry. More than 3000 laboratory procedures and about 200 production processes are now at disposal to serve worldwide customers' needs in the form of contract manufacturing as well as a catalogue business.

Safe handling of numerous hazardous and toxic substances is also ORGANICA's strength: Carbon disulfide, Sodium azide, Cyanides, Selenium, DIMCA, Dimethylsulphate, Methyl iodide, Methyl bromide, Chlorosulfonic acid etc. There is the official approval for 70 reaction types, some of them are Acylation, Alkylation, Amidation, Reductive Amination, Bromination, Chlorination, Iodination, Condensation, Cyclisation, Classic Heterocycle Syntheses (focus on Tetrazoles), Nitration, Sulfonation, Chlorosulfonation.

Currently the company focuses on chiral intermediates (homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis, organocatalysis), e.g. Michael addition, chiral hydrogenation.

ORGANICA accompanies synthesis projects from early process development to the final production on a kg-to-ton-scale. Apart from ISO 9001 certified modern multi-purpose facilities, we have a FDA-inspected cGMP kilolab (certified for Parenteralia).

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