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Alert: Account has been temporarily suspended due to a dispute with a customer. Below are the details of the dispute.Please use precaution when dealing with this supplier


Hi Stacey/ Sales Department,

I just called your office and unfortunately could not get through to anyone.

I also called Stacey on her cell phone no. 713 805 2670. After several rings it went on voicemail. The mailbox was full and it didn’t allow me to leave a message.

Afterwards I went on your website and used “contact us” option to send a message to your company. Although my colleague Halise has already tried this option several times and did not even get any response either.

It has been an exhausting process to deal with your company on this PO so far. We are deeply disappointed that there is NO update from your company about this order despite our emails & calls.

We made full payment of USD 1180/- against the attached Proforma invoice on 4th January. Delivery time quoted was 3 – 5 days.

It is now well over 3 months later and to our deep disappointment this order is not yet ready for shipment.

Since you failed to fulfil your commitment on this PO, can you please arrange immediate refund of USD 1180/- to be made to our Amex card, with which payment was made to your company in January.

Please confirm receipt of this email and advise your action by today.

Thank you & Kind Regards,

Ms. Fiona Taheri
Export Director

United Corporation Ltd
30 Stafford Road ¦ Wallington ¦Surrey ¦ SM6 9AA - U.K.
+44 (0) 20 8647 6622 ( Ext. 636 ) ¦ Ę:+44 (0) 20 8647 0044

Hello Stacey,

Good morning!

It is very unfortunate that the payment issue between us is still not solved yet, and we are making no progress at all.

We delivered the materials to you in September, 2016. Almost 3 years has passed, but we still have not received your payment!

Attached please find our invoices again. We have new bank account, as shown on the invoices. The total unpaid amount is USD24437.85. As we agreed last year, we accept partial payments! Could you please at least start to pay us, even 1 thousand or 2 thousand US dollars at a time?

We called your office so many times, but the phone was never answered, and our mails were not responded. It is our huge mistake that we trusted you and offered payment terms T/T after delivery to you!

Please give us a reply within this week! Thanks!

Best Regards.

Ada Miao
Account Manager
Leap Labchem Co., Ltd.
No.333, Moganshan Rd, Hangzhou 310000, China

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