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Syn-Finechem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Country: India

D-151, Phase III, IDA, Jeedimetla,
Hyderabad- 500 055, A.P, India

ISO 9001:2015 certified
Certified by NABCB-Member of IAF
Certificate number is 125198

Phone: +91-40-23095094
Phone 2: +91-98482 30784
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Contact: Dr.B.S.Reddy - Managing Director

Syn-Finechem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., has been established in the year 2003 at the heart of Industrial Zone, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India Owned and Managed by Dr. Saida Reddy Battu(Dr.B.S.Reddy).

Dr. Saida Reddy has worked at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories for more than 10 years at Varous levels, Group Leader to Manager R&D. At Dr. Reddy’s he has developed process for over 20 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and several organic intermediates and implemented at Pilot plant to Commercial scale following Statutory requirements.

He also has experience in Fine Chemical field at HETEROCYCLICS and BASR Technologies where he was Managing Partner and Instrumental in Strategic Planing, Product Development, Identifying Business opportunities, Talent management and Culture building. He has developed more than 500 new Chemical entities (Specialty Chemicals) and supplied to Leading Catalogue Companies like Aldrich, Lancaster, Apollo and Global research Institutions.

Technical Capabilities
  • Development of Speciality Chemicals
  • Handling of reactions between –80 to 300 0C
  • Handling of Pyrophoric Reagets (n-Bu-Li, LAH, etc..)
  • Handling of High pressure reactions up to 20Kg/cm-2

Several Organic reactions like Friedal Crafts acylations, alkylations, Reductive aminations, Cyanations, Nitrations, Oxidations, Diazotisations, Grignard reactions etc... from Lab to Commmercial scale.


*About one acre layout
*Syn-Finechem has the 15,000 Sq.Feet built up area for Laboratory use equipped with most of the state of the art equipment for its synthetic Chemists and analytical needs-GC, HPLC Etc....
*Synthetic Chemists also have Newly built Pilot plant( 6000 Sq.Feet) Equipped with
1) All glass reactors----- 50Lit.( 2 NO'S)
2) Glass Lined Reactors----- 250Lit., 2 NO's
3) Glass Lined Reactor----- 630 Lit., 1 NO's
4) Glass Lined Reactor------1000Lit.,1NO
5) SS Reactors---------------- 250 Lit., 1 NO's
5) SS Reactors---------------- 650 Lit., 1 NO's
6) SS Reactors----------------1000Lit .,3 No’s
7) SSAuto Clave-------------- 150 Lit., 1 NO
8) SS Autoclave------------ 500Lit.,1NO
9) Centrifuses------------- 24”., 3No’s
10) Tray Driers------------, 12,24,48 Trays 1,1 and 2 No’s respectively
11) RCVD------------------- 250 Lit. 1No

* All kinds of Services including High Vacuume distillation system.

Man power
Our team of Doctorates, Chemists, Technicians work relentlessly and motivated enough to work within any conditions to bring you the cost effective quality products with on time deliveries.

* Syn-Finechem is Capable of doing not only the products mentioned in the list but also all kinds reactions and products under different conditions.

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