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Twin Rivers Technologies

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Twin Rivers Technologies (TRT) is one of the largest oleochemical producers in North America. Our hydrolysis, distillation, fractionation, crystallization, both partial and complete hydrogenation capabilities allow us to produce a product line that includes over 80 different fatty acid and glycerin products. We use a variety of feedstocks, including coconut oil, animal fats, soybean oil, and palm oil to create products for a variety of industries and purposes, including food, textiles, plastic, soap, and detergents. Twin Rivers continues to expand our product offerings to ensure that we remain competitive in the marketplace and have the innovative products for new applications. TRT is focused on research and development of new products, product lines and processes to ensure that our customers are receiving only the highest quality products, made with the best raw materials and produced in a plant that operates safely and efficiently. TRTís product lines that are SQF, Kosher and Halal certified offerings are coconut-only products certified and free of any palm oil. Additionally, when producing palm oil-based products, TRT works with and can guarantee that its palm oil comes only from sustainable sources.

TRTís products are shipped throughout North America, South America, Asia and the European Union. By operating with integrity and dependability, and providing superior value to our customers, we have become the supplier of choice for naturally -based specialty chemicals. TRT has achieved this high level of performance through our dedicated people, our commitment to performance, and our focus on responsible and sustainable business practices. Our sustainability statement guides us in this quest. Twin Rivers Technologies strives to be the sustainability leader within the oleochemical industry. Our business model incorporates three sustainability pillars into our values: People, Planet and Performance. These foundational pillars serve to meet the current and future needs of our customers and stakeholders, with sustainability at the core of our business model.

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