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Tyger Scientific Inc.

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Tyger Scientific Inc.
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Company Profile

Tyger Scientific strives to bring a wide range of specialty compounds to the chemical and life science researcher and process engineers. TSI manufactures and distributes more than 5,000 synthetic and specialty chemicals, from multiple research and manufacturing facilities located throughout the US and China, which are supplemented with an extensive global network of partner and affiliate firms, all working together to satisfy our customer's requirements for lab quantities, drum, to bulk and toll services delivered globally.

Currently, we offer scaffolds, building blocks, linkers, unnatural amino acids, multifunctional piperidines, piperazines, heterocyclic compounds as well as a full range of rare chemicals. By providing a diversified chemical offering, we help the progress of drug discovery and development for our customers.

To keep-up with the pace of discovery, TSI frequently updates our product offerings. We encourage you to visit our website at, for latest list of new product additions.

Contract Research Services; Custom Synthesis & Process Design & Improvement - Tyger's scientific and technology team has a combined experience of more than 300 years in complex organic synthesis, process design and manufacturing. The Research and Development organization is staffed with scores of experienced Ph.D. organic synthesis chemists, in both the USA and China, who provide various forms of contract research services to life science customers, such as custom synthesis services, and process design / development / improvement services. Target compounds, from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms, are manufactured to the customer's exact specifications and all work is strictly confidential.

Custom Manufacturing - In addition to our catalog products, we offer superior, low-cost custom manufacturing services, toll processing services and cGMP contract manufacturing services.

Material Sourcing Services - With close cooperation with a select group of global chemical manufacturers, especially in China, the United States, TSI is able to bridge the gap between customer needs and a reliable supply, having unparalleled service that includes the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective sourcing. TSI provides Material Sourcing Services for hard-to-find and exotic specialty organic chemicals.

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