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Country: USA

Country: USA

Wacker Chemical Corporation
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Country: Germany

Wacker Chemie AG
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Phone: 888-922-5374 (USA)
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FAX: 517-264-4068
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WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, the WACKER Groupís biotech and life-science division, offers tailored and innovative solutions and products for the food, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries based on advanced production processes.

WACKER is an innovative leader, solutions provider and chemical manufacturer for all key global industries. WACKER offers a large variety of organofunctional and non-functional silanes used as a component in chemical and pharmaceutical syntheses.

Using the core technologies of selective chlorination, photochlorination, ketene chemistry, organometallic reactions and silane chemistry, WACKER produces a wide range of fine chemicals and synthetic building blocks.

In addition to biopharmaceuticals, food and dietary supplements, the business line WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS focuses on biotechnological products including the amino acids L-cystine and L-cysteine. WACKER is the first global company to produce L-cystine in a patented process through fermentation and therefore our amino acids are of the highest purity and TSE/BSE-free.

WACKER is the world's leading producer of cyclodextrin products, including parent (natural) cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin derivatives and inclusion complexes (encapsulated products). Cyclodextrins can be used for stabilizing sensitive substances, masking unwanted aromas, modifying rheology, improving solubility and bioavailability, as well as controlled release of bioactives.

With complex organic intermediates, organosilanes, chiral molecules (building blocks), cyclodextrins, cysteine products and a wide range of different fine chemicals and silicones, WACKER offers both quality conventional chemicals and bio-based products.

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