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Wacker Polymers

WACKER POLYMERS offers customers a technologically sophisticated range of polymeric binders and additives - along with customized services - based on highly developed production processes, continuous innovation and a global network of dedicated specialists. The Advantage of an Integrated Ethylene Production System

In an integrated production process developed over a period of 80 years, WACKER uses ethylene to produce VAM (vinyl acetate) and VAE (vinyl acetate-ethylene); these are then turned into a variety of products, many of which are market leaders in numerous applications. WACKER produces all the required intermediates itself, and by-products are reused intelligently. Consequently, WACKER's supply chain is relatively independent in terms of raw materials and is designed to conserve natural resources and save energy, making it unique on the market.

Initiator in Industry

WACKER POLYMERS has been a trendsetter on a number of fronts, including the development of polyvinyl butyral and polyvinyl alcohol. As a protective colloid, the latter is an essential component of dispersible polymer powder, which was also developed by WACKER and has revolutionized the building industry. The precursor of dispersible polymer powder gave rise to innovative VAE dispersions, which are leaders in paint, adhesive and textile applications.

Partner for Customers

A network of native-speaker specialists and technical centers support customers around the world with the optimization and development of formulations; for example, to make food packaging safer, construction materials more efficient, colors more brilliant and coatings more resistant, as well as to enhance the performance of adhesives.

Production Sites

Germany: Burghausen, Cologne
USA: Calvert City (Kentucky)
China: Nanjing
South Korea: Ulsan


Dispersible polymer powder and dispersions
Surface-coating resins
Polyvinyl alcohol solutions
Polymer modifiers


Construction chemicals
Paints and coatings
Nonwovens, textiles and paper

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